ETROV100-light Control Software allows you to control an ROV via your PC using an ordinary Joystick.

It allows you to watch underwater actions via an IP Camera.

It allows you to control up to 6 Thrusters referring to the famous SAAB layout.

In addition up to 2 Grippers and one Light.



- Compatible with most of IP camera (CCTV IP Cam with Infrared LEDs. It cost about 76 TL).




- Compatible with most of Joysticks (Starting from 20 TL)

- Compatible with Windows 7 and above (32-bit / 64-bit ).

- Very Easy to install and use.

- Ability to Zoom a region of the Camera view (select a rectangle to zoom)


Operation Steps:

- Download the PC Shell and the Arduino Shell from our website.

- Download DirectX and install it on your computer.

- Setup your Camera IP Address to be (use windows explorer to login to camera settings)

- Install Ethernet shield on your Arduino (Arduino IP Address should be

- Connect IP camera and Arduino Ethernet Shield to Small network switch (with at least 9 volts power supply. 5 volts netwrok switch will not work !!)

- Connect data cable from PC to the switch.

- Modify the attached Arduino program and upload it to your Ardunio board.

- Run the ETROV100 program and Go .....



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