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ROTürk 2019 - Disasters Challengers Competition





EngTechs is Originator and Coordinator of the ROTürk Competition which will take place at Istanbul on 27-28 April 2019.


This competition has been inspired from Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant disaster that occurs in Japan on 11 March 2011 after an earthquake that caused a Tsunami wave in the Pacific Ocean. Sadly, that hundreds of people has been killed in this disaster, 3 Nuclear reactors out of 4 in the Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant has been exploded and radiation strike Fukushima city and large space surrounding it in land and sea which affects life there for decades.


This competition aims to encourage students from universities, high schools and secondary schools to design and implement Intelligent Robots with semi-automatic functions which are capable of taking actions towards rescue living beings and contain the situation after a disaster strike a certain site. It is an opportunity to our students to know how to create a complete solution with cooperative work.




Wining the First Price is the usual target for all participants, however,

we always believe that all of our students will be winners

when they show the world their creativity

and learn how to become

Real Engineers.