About the Competition





There are 6 missions to be accomplished during the game:


Mission #1. Shut Down the Reactor
Mission #2. Operate an Auxiliary Cooling System
Mission #3. Rescue Trapped Workers
Mission #4. Radioactive Liquids Containment
Mission #5. Mapping of the NPP
Mission #6. Retrieve NPP Activities Recording Box (ARB)

The game will last for up to 10 minutes. However, Nuclear Reactors (NR) would explode after 7 minutes, so it is mandatory to shut-down Reactors (by pushing all Cadmium Rods – Mission#1) and cool them down before they melts (by connecting the external water pumps and open valves – Mission#2) for continuing the full game time. If the Reactor has been exploded, the game terminates immediately and the score would be counted according the scoring table until that time.

Basically, it is not mandatory to do missions in order and it is not necessary to finish the full mission before moving to the next one (for example you can rescuer some injured people while you are closing the valves … etc.). However, it is strongly recommended to start by Mission#1 and Mission#2 to allow more time for more scoring.




Teams and Mixed-Teams:

Each team consists of 1 up to 3 supervisors and from 3 up to 10 students. Each team can participate with one or more robot in any domain. Examples for that:

Team#1: has only one Air Robot
Team#2: has one Air Robot and one Ground Robot
Team#3: has 2 Air Robots and one Water Robot.
Team#4: has one Air Robot, one Ground Robot and one Water Robot.


Participation in the game can be done as One-Team or Mixed-Team. Mixed-Team is union between teams where different institutions (mix between universities and schools or between universities only or mix between schools only) with different age groups (undergraduate students, high school students and secondary school students) can form a Mixed-Team. For Example:

Mixed Team#1: Robot#1 and Robot#2 are from University#1
Robot#3 is from School#1

Mixed Team#2: Robot#1 is from School#1
Robot#2 is from School#2

Mixed Team#3: Robot#1 is from University#1
Robot#2 is from School#1
Robot#3 is from School#2

The only condition is that each team can join ONE-and-only-ONE Mixed-Team. Mixed-Teams form would be filled after 1 Jan. 2018. Team supervisors would sign Mixed-Team forms until the competition day (2 Feb. 2018) in behalf of their institutions.


Missions, Spaces and Scoring:

You can download the full description of Missions, Rules and Scoring from the following Link:


                                    ROTurk Missions, Spaces and Scoring.


Frequently Asked Question (FAQ), Discussions about the rules and Technical Assistance would be available on our facebook page. 



Important Dates:

Registration Date: 1 November 2018 – 1 Mars 2019

Final Date for Video Clip: 31 Mars 2019

Final Date for Submission of Report and Poster: 15 April 2019

Competition Date: 27-28 April 2019



Registration fee (non-refundable):

The registration fee will be collected by Mars 2018.

Team: 500 TL + KDV

EngTechs Ltd.

IBAN: TR75 0006 2000 0150 0006 2949 84

Write on the transfer information: ROTürk + School/Uni Name + Team Name
Send Scanned copy of the transfer order to: ROTurk@EngTechs.com and we will send you the invoice to teams' Supervisor.




All participants will be awarded participation certificates. The first 3 teams (One-Team or Mixed-Team) will be awarded trophies.