About the Competition






There are 3 categories for Turkey regional competition this year:

1- The Explorer Category for University Students and

2- The Ranger Category for High and Secondary Schools Students.

3- The SCOUT Category for Secondary Students.


Where in each category it is required from teams to design and implement their own Remotely Operated Underwater Vehicle which is capable of diving underwater and perform certain missions. Missions vary in their complexity from simple tasks to relatively complicated ones. It is also required from teams to prepare Technical Report, Poster and make Presentation about their robot.


Each team should be composed of at least 3 Students and 1 Supervisor/Mentor, where implementation of the ROV should be accomplished by students only and under the advisory of their supervisor/mentor.


Mentors should be and supervisors can be faculty member at any level starting from teaching assistant to professor for Explorer category and school teacher for Ranger and SCOUT categories. And in General:


  • Teams are permitted to use the materials of their choice provided that they are safe, will not damage or otherwise mar the competition environment, and are within the defined design and building specifications.

  • Teams are encouraged to focus on engineering a vehicle to complete the product demonstration tasks; when considering design choices, teams should ask themselves which one most efficiently and effectively allows them to solve the problem.

  • Re-using components built by previous team members is permitted provided that the current team members evaluate, understand, and can explain their engineering and operational principles.

  • Using or re-using commercial components is also permitted, provided that team members evaluate, understand, and can explain their engineering and operational principles.

  • Teams will be questioned extensively on their overall design and component selections during their technical sales presentations.

  • Graduation projects, term projects, scientific communities projects, BAP projects (students), TÜBİTAK-BİDEB, SKS activities support, companies ... etc are examples of acceptable sources of funding of teams.




Missions, Spaces and Scoring:



EXPLORER Category (University Students):






RANGER Category (High School and Secondary School Students):






Scout Category (Secondary School Students):



Frequently Asked Question (FAQ), Discussions about the rules and Technical Assistance would be available on our facebook page. 






Important Dates:


Teams Registration Start: 1 November 2018 - 1 April 2019


Registration Fees Payment: 1 January 2019 - 1 April 2019


Regional Finals in Istanbul: 27-28 April 2019, Istanbul


International Finals: June 20 - 22 at the Kingsport Aquatic Center in Kingsport, TN, USA.





Registration fee (non-refundable):


This year, teams can pay registration fees with one of the following methods:



METHOD 1 (No local Invoice):

The registration fee will be collected using the regular ACTIVE website


Explorer Team: 300 U$
Ranger Team: 200 U$
SCOUT Team: 50 U$



METHOD 2 (With local Invoice):

The registration fee will be collected by EngTechs.


Explorer Team: 300 U$ + 18% KDV
Ranger Team: 200 U$ + 18% KDV
SCOUT Team: 50 U$ + 18% KDV

1- Transaction should be paid in the Equivalent Turkish Lira (at the time of payment) to the following account:


EngTechs Ltd.

IBAN: TR75 0006 2000 0150 0006 2949 84



2- You should include in the transaction: your team name and school/university name.

3- Send a copy of the transaction invoice to MATE.ROV@EngTechs.com with the required billing details (University / School Name, Address and Tax number)

4- Your invoice would be sent within 3 working days to the stated billing address.


P.S.: Any team can register their details in the regional website for free. After the deadline of the registration fees payment, only teams which pay the registration fees will participate in the regional and rest of teams would be automatically deleted from the list and would not be allowed to join the regional competition.







All participants will be awarded participation certificates. The first 3 teams in each category (Explorers, Rangers and SCOUT)  will be awarded Regional shields.


This year, number of winners to represent Turkey in the international event depends on the number of teams. (1st Winner for 1 to 10 Teams, 1st and 2nd Winners for 11 to 20 Teams ... etc). However, only winners from Explorer and Ranger Categories would be registered for the international competition.